Remember freedom


Today I stumbled on this amazing fanart series of some of the Disney princesses looking back at their otherself through a mirror. Remembering a time before their lives changed forever. Follow the link to the artists DeviantArt page for Ariel, Belle, Aurora Mulan and and Pocahontas.

Remember Freedom by Sonala on deviantART

Aladdin Sand Sculpture at Noordwijk

I’ve added photos of European Sand Sculptures Festival 2009 at Noordwijk, Netherlands to my Flickr account. This years theme was Disney Princes in apprication of the new DP Tiana from Princess and the Frog. Stangely there was no sculpture of her but the other six D-ladies made that more then up.

The winner was the Cinderella sculpture however, as you can see, she looks quite odd. I heard a mom describe her as “cinderella’s grandmother”. My personal favorite, besides the pretty Aladdin sculpture, where the beautiful Ariel and the cute Sleeping Beauty sculptures.

See all the photos at Flickr

Aladdin (9)

The Little Mermaid Crew Reunion

On May 21st in Burbank ASIFA-Hollywood organizes a reunion of The Little Mermaid crew. Similar to what the organization did for the Aladdin. On November 15th Mermaid marks its 20th anniversary.

Character animator Tom Sito will moderate a panel consisting of Mark Henn (Ariel), Andreas Deja (King Triton), Ruben Aquino (Ursula), Tina Price (CAPS system and early CGI) and Gary Trousedale (storyboards) – with many more guests and panelists to be announced.

Via Cartoon Brew and UD forum

Caricatured Jasmine looks like caricatured Ariel

After watching Ariel’s Beginning Mermaid 1 back to back the rest of my evening was spend looking for and reading about Ariel. And so it happens I came across a post on LittleAriel Forum about the on and off model of The Little Mermaid characters in the television series.

A screenshot of a caricatured, off model Ariel looks familiar. I’m quite sure I’ve seen Jasmine with similar expression one episode in the Aladdin TV series. I checked “Of Ice and Men”,  “Getting the Bugs Out” and “I Never Mechanism I Didn’t Like” which where the best candidates I could think of. To blunt: I don’t know and need help identifying that stupid episode because I won’t rest until I know. 
Jasmine resembels Ariel in The Little Mermaid Series