Early Development Artwork by Hans Bacher


Hans Bacher worked on various Disney animated features as production designer. On his blog One1more2time3’s he shares his own work and that of his co-workers. For Aladdin he did early concept artwork for backgrounds and setting the mood for certain scenes using color schemes. You should take a look at the following posts more baghdad, tiger 2, middle east 1990

Hans Bacher Agrabah Palace sketch dark

Hans Bacher Agrabah tigerhead sketch

Hans Bacher Agrabah Palace sketch red

Aladdin (1992) background artwork

Rob Richards’s Animation Backgrounds   blog has added 37 pieces of digitally re-created background artwork from Aladdin the orginal 1992 feature film. The artwork comes mostly from the beginging from the film but also he has made some stunning panorama’s from inside the Cave of Wonders. The header image at the top of Streetrat comes from his blog. The blog published backgrounds from the palace and birdeye view shots of the oasis and Agrabah in Feburay 2009.