Disney in Concert 2014

Last Saturday, August 16th, I attended Disney in Concert in the concert hall of Amsterdam. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it before so’ll explain a bit what’s it about. It’s a concert band, in this case the Metropole Orchestra, with 4 singers playing and singing music from Disney animated movies while clips from the films where shown on a big screen.
The show had a duration for 2 hours and where a mix of instrumental music and singing in both English and Dutch. Most of the music was from the 1980s and 1990s classics like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and of course Aladdin. While Tangled and Frozen came along as well.
Being a Disney fanatic myself I naturally had a great time hearing especially the music preformed live by a big orchestra. I had a hard time not to sing along and sit still during the show. I’ve embedded a YouTube clip of the press event and a clip from last year’s edition.
I hope it returns next year.

Celinde Schoenmaker “Let It Go”

Last year Celinde Shoenmaker “Dat is Mijn Wens” & Freek Bartels “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”

Beautiful One-Hour Instrumental Mix Of Alan Menken Music

As you probably know Alan Menken is has been THE music composer for Disney feature film music and Disney musical adaptations of some of those films for over 3 decades. The Hungarian Norbert Varga made an amazing compilation of Menken’s film tracks in one-hour mix. Check out his website dreamport to download the full hour long version. Or watch and listen the 9 minute trailer below.

Beauty in 3D

Not directly Aladdin related but many Disney animators worked on both movies so here’s the trailer of Beauty and the Beast in 3D. No need to take out your 3D glasses though because it’s in classic 2D. I’m blown away by the beautiful and rich colors the ballroom has never looked so beautiful. The Lion King is rumored to be next if successful it’s paving the way for a potential Aladdin 3D conversation in a few years.

The Little Mermaid Musical Closing, Aladdin Musical a step closer

As you might have heard the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid will close August 30, 2009 after only 685 performances and 50 previews. According to Disney Theatre Production head Thomas Schumacher he didn’t see a way to keep earning money from it. He also says his division is setting up a tour version to start somewhere around 2010. Also you’re sure recall that Disney shutdown the successful Beauty and the Beast that ran from 94 to 07. Since 1999 It’s home was the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

Rumors say that a musical adaption of The Adams Family might be next to setup shop at Lunt-Fontanne. Depending of it’s a success it could hold out there for a few years let’s say 3 before Disney has to develop another production. I’ve a feeling a serious attempt to sculpt Disney’s 31st animated feature into a Broadway worthy musical is coming within the next few years. I love if Aladdin gets the musical it deserves around it’s 20th anniversary in 2012.
Let’s cross fingers.