Princess Jasmine makes her appearence in Sofia the First

Jas will make her royal appearance on June 14, 2013 in the Disney Princess TV series Sofia the First. Can’t say I’m excited about how her design is convered to CG. As someone from Ulimate Disney put it

“I think Jasmine looks a lot like her Kingdom Hearts counterpart here ?”

The problem is this isn’t a video game but a TV show where the character is supposed to move and act.
Jas is of course voiced by Linda Larkin with the singing parts done by Lea Salonga

The announcement made me try to remember the last time Jasmine appeared on a Disney TV show. To my surprise I came to the conclusion that it had to be on Disney’s House of Mouse. As you might remember the show stars Disney’s fab five & friends, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto etc. running a dinner theater where many Disney characters has cameos as guest stars. The last episode aired almost 10 years ago on October 24, 2003.

Disney Princess Jasmine in DP show Sofia the First

Disney Princess Jasmine in DP show Sofia the First

Jasmine is against 3D animation

Beautiful drawing of our favorite princess that looks like it could have been part of the movie. The artist meant it as a joke but there’s some truth in it, seeing the reactions the 2D vs 3D animation discussion is still alive. I thought that had died now that almost all major animation studios have been producing computer animated films for almost a decade.
When Disney nicked traditional for computer animation a year of, what is it 6 years? ago it fel like betraying their legacy to me. Since then I have accepted it because well there’s nothing any fan can do about it. But when it watched Princess and the Frog last year I did question myself, why those folks at Disney’s gave up this beautiful craftsmanship. I did love Toy Story 3, that’s the most amazing storytelling in the whole TS series with great new characters. My next movie will be Rapunzel because well I’m done with Shrek and other animation movies don’t connect to me.

Say NO to 3D by ~sahostudios on deviantART

Carpet sketches by Ed Gombert

Drawn2gether, an animation blog run by a handful of (ex) Disney animators remising working at Disney during the second golden age of animation. Roughly 10 years from The Little Mermaid (1989) up to Tarzan (1999). In the archive for Aladdin I foundsketches of the Magic Carpet by Eb Gombert, he made one of the earliest storyboards and character sketches. Of course because it’s a rug the design didn’t change that much as the production hummed along. The post reveals that Tom Cardone did Carpet’s Arabian pattern design for the table cloth. IMDB credits him as background artist for a number of Disney productions up to The Little Matchgirl.