went through my stuff today and found a collection of Aladdin lithographs that I haven’t seen in years. The seven lithographs are in my collection for over 15 years, don’t really recall when and how I got them but they decorated my walls for many years until the room got renovated and re-painted 3 years ago. I believe they got a temporarily spot until I replaced them with another collection of litho’s I’d been eyeing for about as long as I had these.

I discovered I’d had stored away in their original flimsy frames probably with intention to take to the store to got nicer ones but never did so. As the situation is now there isn’t room on my walls as it taken up with puzzles, 2 huge posters and shelves with Lego. But who knows when I’ll move to bigger bedroom i can give them the spot they deserve until then I took them out of their frames and stored them safely away. Before I had stored and took though my scanner so they might be useful to create wallpapers of them sometime.

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Toddler Boys Pins

Michele pointed me to an auction of a very cute pin. Yes Disney didn’t forget, boys are fans too. From the same series come Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Dopey, Eric and Hercules plus Genie and Aladdin. It reminds of that boys oriantaed Disney Adventures line that wasn’t a success. The Disney Princess toddler pin collection for girls has Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Aurora plus Jasmine.

Disney toddler pin collection AladdinDisney toddler pin collection Genie
Disney toddler pin collection Jasmine