Lovely Aladdin, Mozenrath and Sadira costumes

DeviantArtist Saintedsin is an excellent costume designer juding by the number of fantasy costumes on her DA page. Checkout Al, Moz and Sadira. Aladdin comes with Abu, Mozenrath doesn’t come with Xerxes but has his gauntlet. I love that Sadira comes with the Staff of Doom from the episode Witch Way Did She Go?

Defeat by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Reversed by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Guess That’s a No by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Magic Fight by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Let’s Team Up by =Saintedsin on deviantART

genie Jafar wizard costume @ Anime Expo

Wondering if there were any cosplayers made a nice Princess Jasmine costume I googled around but about anything that came where or already blogged or not worthy, IMO, and most blogged results linked back here to Streetrat. That might explain all the questions I’ve been getting by people wanting to know how I made certain elements from costumes instead of bothering to read further and follow the link to the source.

jasmine cosplayer Nan Desu Kan 2008

The girl on the right made a Disney Princess Jasmine costume it looks allot like Jasmine’s Disney Princess outfit 22. It’s very creative to think of a costume other then the movie outfit teal standard. I love the fabric, pattern and colors a shame from the skin colored thing that holds the top up. Maybe she redid it this year I’ll keep an eye open to see if she was photographed anywhere else.

aladdin cosplay annimagic autumn 2005

Anyway there’s more in life then pretty princesses. We have our title hero but are honest there’s so much that can be done with his regular clothing. I believe the guy below shows how a nice Aladdin costume could look like. I like the patch and belt to bad about the sandals but I guess you can’t expect people to walk bare feet outside. Enter the great Jafar. A cosplayer did what it appears to be Jafar in his red attire from Return of Jafar with his lady who might be Jasmine in her scrooge of the desert outfit from the TV series episode Forget Me Lots where she joined the side of evil while having amnesia. Otherwise the costume slightly resembles black Jas doll attire that came out in ’99 or 2000 I believe. Or some other random anime-like character that matches nicely with the Disney costume I don’t know.

Note: To be clear, I am not the designer of any of these costumes nor can I get you in contact with the artist who made them. I also have no way to get in contact with the cosplayers on the photos. Please click the photos to go the appropriate pages.

jafar cosplayer anime expo