Cast Aladdin Musical Announced

Aladdin Musical reports that seven members of the Seattle production return to the Aladdin: Broadway’s New Musical Comedy. Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed will reprise their roles as Aladdin and Jasmine. The genie is once again played by James Monroe. The role of Jafar is again  portrayed by the one and only Jonathan Freeman.

Of the supporting cast Brandon O’Neill and Brian Gonzales are back as Aladdin’s pals Kassim and Babkak. The production welcomes Don Darryl as Iago and Jonathan Schwartz as Omar. Jasmine’s father the Sultan is this time portrayed by Clifton Davis. The rest of of the cast include Merwin Foard and Michael James Scott who are standins and the ensemble is 24 person strong.

The music comes from Alan Menken and Howard Ashman with and additional lyrics by Tim RIce and Chad Beguelin. Director and choreographer. is again Casey Nicholaw, who also helmed the Seattle production. Other creatives includes scenic designer Bob Crowley, lighting designer Natasha Katz, costume designer Gregg Barnes, sound designer Ken Travis, illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer and hair designer Josh Marquette.  Michael Kosarin heads the music team as music supervisor and director, working with Danny Troob as orchestrator and Glen Kelly as dance music arranger.

Broadway World as photos of the rehearsals today in New York City.

The show opens first in Toronto in the Ed Mirvish Theatre where they’ll play from November 1, 2013 to January 5, 2014. The premiere is on November 21, 2013.


Courtney Reed Interview

Actress Courtney Reed, who played Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin Musical that ran in July kindly agreed to do an interview with The Aladdin Musical blog. Talking about her career and how the musical Jasmine in different then the animated Jasmine but still the same. As of half September no word has reached me on what’s in the future if Disney brings it to Broadway or a Tour. It’s known though that there are plans to do something with the concept but if the current cast will take part is any body’s guess

Lots of Aladdin Musical snippets interviewed the stars of Aladdin A New Stage Musical (I don’t like that name, I’ll call it Aladdin Musical from now on), Adam Jacobs, Courtney Reed, James Monroe Iglehart and Alan Menken himself. Did you know Alan turned 62 today? I didn’t either. Happy Birthday! Anyway the interviews are interwoven with lots of footage from the show. We see tidbits from Friend Like Me and High Adventure, A Whole New World and I think a second from Call Me A Princess. Al/Jas scenes looks like a moment set before or after ANWN. Jas reveals her identity. Couple of snippets from Babkak, Omar and Kassim. Jafar and Iago doing some magic stuff. The iconic moment when Aladdin rubs the lamp for the first time. It looks great!

A Million Miles Away

A short preview of the Al/Jas duet written for the Aladdin A New Stage Musical sang by Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed. I love it, it fun, heartwarming and well played and acted. We get a glimpse of the decor and costumes.
It’s a real stage song and so I don’t believe it would work in the film. Still I for one would’ve loved to have had a song during this scene.

Courtney Reed sings “Call Me A Princess”

Actress Courtney Reed who will play Jasmine in Aladdin: The New Stage Musical preformed “Call Me A Princess” on New Day Northwest show. The song, as you may know, was written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken while the film was still in it’s early development. Intailly the creators visioned Jasmine as a bratty, obnoxious, spoiled, supervissail girl that only cared about herself and the wealth she lives in. I recall reading that someone, might be Jeffery Katzenberg, commented that it wouldn’t make sense that Aladdin, the boy with the golden heart, would fall for such a girl so her personallity was changed to the kind and loving Princess Jasmine we know and love. In the interview following the performance Courtney explains how the song is used in the musical, as means of scaring the suitors away though I have my doubts it would work. I mean Prince Achmed looks to me like the kind of guy that would like such a brat.
Also Jim Hil has something about Jonathan Freeman and how he ended up voicing Jafar.