Proud of Your Boy in Dutch Musical TV Audition

“Op Zoek Naar Joseph” or “J?” is the Dutch version of the television audition show “Any Dream Will Do” where 11 consterest are fighting for the viewers sympthy and support to win the leading male role of Joseph in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The famous hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on the Bible story “Coat of Many Colors” You’re probably famillair with the show as it was co-written by Tim Rice. Who we all know as lyricst on Aladdin.
The format was used first for the British revival of The Sound of Music searching for the leading lady Maria and in 2008 Nancy was found for Oliver! In the US NBC viewers voted Laura Osnes and Max Crumm as the new Sandy and Danny in Grease That’s the backstory on to J?

It happens not much that Disney songs are heard on mainsteam Dutch television/media. Dutch Disney voice actors and actresess who have stage success as musical preformer do their promo songs but like Tarzan even got a short TV audition for the lead male and the Dutch Beauty and the Beast stage show got lots of promo gigs. I heard Kala and Belle solos in last year’s “Op Zoek Naar Evita”. The way Belle/Jane understudy won and is now finalishing her tour as Evita.
But those are musical versions of the film not the film songs themselves (the lyrics changed) so you can imagine the delight to hear a reasonable Go To The Distance 3 weeks ago. The same finalist, Mathijs, got to sing Proud of Your Boy last Sunday on the 4th live show. Rumors go that he might make to the final 3 but eventunally will be voted out in favor of Freek (Enjolras in Les Miz) or John (Tarzan understudy). He doesn’t have enough control over his voice, he trembeles in the long high tones and his text control like he puts the accent on the wrong words and his overal English isn’t that great.

Mathijs version

Clay Aiken version

Alan Menken demo version

Call Me A Princess performed by Kerry Butler

Animated News pointed to a Jim Hill article on Kelly Butler’s first solo album “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust”. The Disney album includes several classic Alan Menken songs from Pocahontas and Hunchback as well as rare gems like the never heard before female take on Alan and Howard’s early Princess Jasmine song that got cut from the final film Call Me A Princess She has a 37-second sample clip at her website,
Kerry is familiar with Alan Menken’s work ever since she played Belle in Broadway’s “Beauty and the Beast” she was also in “Little Shop of Horrors” did the work demo recordings for the Little Mermaid musical version in 2006.

Cut song: The Wazir’s Song

Heather updated the lyrics section at Aladdin Central with lyrics from “The Wazir’s Song”. The song was part of an early script dating back to July 1990.

It sits in the slot where Prince Ali reprise ended up in the final film. Jafar and his sidekick parrot Sinbad are humiliating poor Aladdin during the balcony ceremony announcing Jasmine choose with ‘Prince Ali’ as her husband. Parts of Aladdin’s humiliation like the flock of birds and flies where storyboarded and used in a later Jafar song “Humiliate the Boy”. The storyboard version is on the Aladdin Special Edition.
It’s also on YouTube: