Cute Princess Jasmine as a child and her tiger cub art

After falling in love with the cuteness of the drawing by ~Chansey123 I went looking for other cute artwork of Jasmine as a younger. It came as a surpise I couldn’t find much on DA, I imagine Jasmine as toddler/child would be a popular subject to draw. I guess not because I could only find two other good drawings with the princess of Agrabah with her feline pet.
Note that ~ficklegoddess colored a drawing by Blossom disneyaholic and not drew it herself.

Little Jasmine by *Chansey123 on deviantART

Child Jasmine by *moonchildinthesky on deviantART

Kid Jasime and Cub Rajah by ~ficklegoddess on deviantART

Are you kidding me? Jasmine/Rajah fanart

DA user Opal-I did an amazing job in coloring a drawing of Jasmine and Rajah listing to Aladdin pouceing about how wonderful Princess Jasmine is by lordsnoopy. It’s excellent capturing the spirit of the scene well I mean I love the look she gives her pet tiger.

Opal’s focus is mainly on coloring other people’s drawings which is something this artist is pretty good at. Her other (Aladdin) work is certainly worth mentioning.
Jasmine from DPM cover recolored

LordSnoopy’s gallery has nice drawings of again Jasmine but also Rajah and Jafar.