Selinmarou’s gorgeous Jasmine artwork have to check out Selinmarou’s Princess Jasmine fanart. She has the most beautiful drawing style I’ve seen. Original work too, yes it’s often based on existing official artwork but I personally think her version are ten times better. It’s obvious there’s allot of time and love poured into these pictures.

the royal Wedding by *selinmarsou on deviantART

Jasmine – TV series outfit by *selinmarsou on deviantART

Lovely Aladdin, Mozenrath and Sadira costumes

DeviantArtist Saintedsin is an excellent costume designer juding by the number of fantasy costumes on her DA page. Checkout Al, Moz and Sadira. Aladdin comes with Abu, Mozenrath doesn’t come with Xerxes but has his gauntlet. I love that Sadira comes with the Staff of Doom from the episode Witch Way Did She Go?

Defeat by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Reversed by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Guess That’s a No by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Magic Fight by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Let’s Team Up by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Disney’s Aladdin fanart: Jasmine in color

A nice colored version of one my favorite Jasmine poses. I’ve seen people color this one before but so this is best I’ve came across. Lovely colors and shadowing together with green-ish background makes it very pretty. Though I think swamping the background for a desert setting would’ve worked better.

Jasmine by ~Gryffindork3 on deviantART