I love that seemingly forgotten characters from the Aladdin universe aren’t faded from memory yet



Deviant artist Chibi-schurri revisted some of the major villains from the Disney Afternoon Aladdin TV series. She and her friend appear as characters in their own Aladdin fiction stories interacting  with the likes of Abis Mal (the dumbest thief of the seven deserts, his right hand and brains Haroud. Mechanicles (greek inventor with  mysophobia), Chaos (winged god-like cat) and Arbutus (misundertood plant lover).

How to flatter a woman by ~chibi-schnurri on deviantART

… why me? by ~chibi-schnurri on deviantART

Sadira LiveJournal Community

Sadira, the teenage sandwitch with a crush on Aladdin, has her own community on LiveJournal. Run by sifukatara Sadiras_scrolls is the “place post fanfic, talk about their favorite Sadira episodes or just discuss her general.”

The title reminds me of Sadira’s Sand Scrolls, the Library of Writing inspired by Disney’s Aladdin. With stories by almost 20 different authors it was the first large website where fanfics from multiple authors where collected. Today most if not all of those stories are at The Library of Agrabah.

There is more Aladdin web community history at http://fanhistory.com/wiki/Aladdin