Beautiful One-Hour Instrumental Mix Of Alan Menken Music

As you probably know Alan Menken is has been THE music composer for Disney feature film music and Disney musical adaptations of some of those films for over 3 decades. The Hungarian Norbert Varga made an amazing compilation of Menken’s film tracks in one-hour mix. Check out his website dreamport to download the full hour long version. Or watch and listen the 9 minute trailer below.

Alan Menken – A medley of his favorites

Looking for Alan to perform Little Shop of Horrors songs I came across a recent live performanceAC of him doing a medley of his most memorable songs. He did a concert a school playing besides Little Shop of course selection of all the Disney productions he worked on. Okay so he isn’t the world’s best singer but he he’s a composer and songwriter not a singer. Notice how sings songs different then the known film version. Feel Goosebumps when the audience start to sing along with A Whole New World. It shows once again how well known his work is, it became part of modern culture. Enjoy