Disney Princess Jasmine Lego Set Review

The Lego Disney Princess Jasmine set is since yesterday part of my collection. It’s a cute little set full of small creations. Highlights are the magic lamp & magic carpet, the fountain is cute too and of course Rajah and Princess Jasmine.

The magic lamp existed already since the Lego genie figure, the carpet is a cute build with Lego DP Jasmine 41061 (4)2 printed parts with pattern. I would have used a single 1 x 1 plate with clip on the corners and 2 x 1 plate in the middle to represent the rugs tassels.  Little Rajah looks so cute, I see Lego even made a temple in honor of this feline. Princess Jasmine herself comes as a mini doll, a new minifigure model aimed at girls, and though I prefer a real minifigure this is the next best thing. The best part is her wig that has the iconic hairband and pony tail with bands.

But there are of course  things that I would change to make the set more accurate. Take the lamp standard, for example wich would work in a Cave of Wonders playset with Aladdin, Abu,and Genie but not here and include.2 more leaves to the make silly palm tree more real and perhaps make a little table for the meat. I would make the market stall stand out a stud by moving the slope pieces forward and put 1 x 1 bricks behind it. Or nix it and give the tower aka Jasmine’s bedroom a better look. For example I would add 2 more round walls and a round fence to make the balcony, yes that little gold fence is the famous balcony, And then move the tower tops together to from a complete roof.

At the end I’m happy to finally have an official Lego Aladdin set something I’ve been hoping for many years ever since Lego started producing sets based on Disney movies and characters back in the days of Mickey and friends. Putting up my Lego collector head I’ll put the Jasmine and Rajah & Carpet figures in my collection and take the set apart use the pieces elsewhere.
JangBricks set review

Lego Taj Mahal: closest thing to an Aladdin sculpture

Did a think a few months ago the closest thing to Agabah’s Palace was a MOC build for a feature film yesterday Lego confirmed that their designers recreated the Taj Mahal as a Lego sculpture. With 6000 pieces it’s the largest Lego set ever exceeding sculptures like the Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty with 2500 pieces. The price tag is expected to be between the 200 and 300 US dollars. The set can be ordered online through Lego’s web shop and is will likely not be for sale at regular stores.

As you might know the final design of Sultan’s palace is inspired by the majestic building the will measure over 20” wide and 16” tall. Until this set I haven’t found these sculptures worth my money, if I had 300 bucks to spend on Lego it would be spend on Castle sets and minifigs because that’s where my heart lies. But with 6000 pieces and the close connection to Aladdin I am considering buying one to remodel to look like Sultan’s palace someday.

Now if I only had the space to build and display…..

Taj Mahal in Lego