Disney Music Video: Big Cats meet Rocky

And VanDiemensLand1220 didn’t forget Rajah in this six months old music video set on the theme of Rocky, watch closely it’s short. The rest of the video is made up from footage of the lions in The Lion King, Baggy and Shere Khan Khan, Capt. Amelia and the leopard in Tarzan. The YouTube’r video gallery has a couple Disney girls videos with Jasmine; oh and you must watch Disney Cats Commercial it’s fun and cute and though Rajah is not in it most other Disney feline’s are.


The Sims 2: A Whole New World pop version

Youtube’r Chrissy4jc made a Sims 2 music video of Aladdin’s theme. She cleverly uses Sim actions to make it appear the characters are singing and expressing. Using Genie on the drums and playing guitar and camera
Angles kept the music video fresh prevented from becoming boring.

Her Part of That World video is worth a recommendation because Chrissy recreated a believable underwater world by using floor titles and wallpaper plus the standard Sims 2 furniture. Ariel gestures are distracting from the song. The unknown singer isn’t very good and brings the video down. More or less the same goes for her Pocahontas video, too much gesture, bad singer.
Her Beauty and the Beast video is so awesome I can’t begin to describe it you’ve to watch it yourself.

A Whole New World preformed by Sims