Mickey’s Music Festival LIVE! featuring Aladdin

There is an upcoming UK tour of a new Disney LIVE! show Mickey’s Music Festival> , in the past few years there’s been a Mickey magic & rock show, a Disney Princess with Belle, Snow and Cindy and a Winnie the Pooh show touring around using the same Disney LIVE! concept from Feld Entertaiment closely following the proven Disney on Ice concept but aimed at even younger childeren, in this show Mickey and friends sing upbeat remixes of songs from The Little Mermaid, Toy Story and Aladdin guest starring the famous characters themselves. From Aladdin there seem to be Al, Jas and Genie in the show.

Here’s a clip from the show with Spanish soundtrack as it played in Tenerife.
Sounds like they used the orignal lyrics from the movie. Atleast A Whole New World sounds the same. The project is nice but should have looked 2D, the dancing palace is fun but odd looking and the dance sequence is a bit lame as it’s the same tricks used on the Disney On Ice shows

Finding Nemo on Ice review and preview of Princess Wishes coming X-Mas 2009

I went to see Finding Nemo on Ice last night; it was okay but not really anything special. It’s a retelling of the smash hit Pixar Finding Nemo from 2003. Nemo, a kid clown fish, is captured by a Sydney diver somewhere in the deep ocean. His dad Martin starts a frantic search with the help of Dory, a blue tang with severe short-term memory loss.

The special effects where quite good and Dory’s humor was fun at times but could also be lame. The costumes where ok, I mean it does look odd to see a fish with legs sticking out underneath and a head above, but after a while I believed it where Nemo, Martin and Dory there on the ice.
There was no singing, I wondered about that. I loved the instrumental dance numbers, they where my favorite parts in the whole show.
It’s also the first time a Disney on Ice show used footage from a movie, in this case background scenery of the film and the dentist that captures Nemo appears on screen once in a while.
Conclusion, Finding Nemo on Ice is a fun show for families and kids but adults that love Disney and Pixar probably will have a fine time but not anything you’ll want to reminisce years after. Adults will appreciate the often stunning costumes of the supporting cast and ensemble but might cringe at the costume design of the leads. They’ll also like the clever solutions to portray certain places like the fish tank and the East Australian Current.

Next year’s show is the most appreciated Princess Wishes; I’ve been waiting for this show since I saw Princess Classics three years ago.
Princess Wishes seems to have a bigger role of Aladdin and Jasmine then Classics did. Despite sharing show time with the other princesses and Tinkerbelle Wishes has the Peddler and Genie too. I’ve seen big blue before in I think 2 other shows, Princess Classics and 100 years of Magic on Ice show but the peddler is new. Can’t wait till December 2009!