Jasmine by ~smathybloom

Came across this piece of fanart on DA, the only piece I thought was worth blogging in a while. Seems Jas is slowly losing her populairity among artists. I wonder if it has to do with Disney not putting her prompty with her Disney Princess friends like she used to. I haven’t seen any good DP merchandise let alone anything with Jas in it.

The Sims 2: Disneyland Princess Jasmine costume

I paid a visited to mod the Sims 2 today, I might start playing again; I haven’t fired up The Sims 2 in a while. Last time I was playing a farmers family living on their own veggie and fish but it went to slow so I quit for a while.

Recolor of The Sims 2 Jasmine

A search for ‘Aladdin’ reviled a recolor of the Jasmine wardrobe mesh by Denise I mentioned here. The recolor is done by Nina Aksoy and inspired by the costume Jasmine wears at Disneyland.
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