Toddler Boys Pins

Michele pointed me to an auction of a very cute pin. Yes Disney didn’t forget, boys are fans too. From the same series come Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Dopey, Eric and Hercules plus Genie and Aladdin. It reminds of that boys oriantaed Disney Adventures line that wasn’t a success. The Disney Princess toddler pin collection for girls has Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Aurora plus Jasmine.

Disney toddler pin collection AladdinDisney toddler pin collection Genie
Disney toddler pin collection Jasmine

Disney Men: Just how manly?

Kenobi_Kid at RetroJunk wrote the facinating and humoristic piece Disney Men: Just how manly?. Rating the Disney leading men, both human and animal, between A and F. F being the lowest and A the highest rank.

Having the leave Robin Hood, Tarzan, Basil of Baker Street, Prince Phillip and Hercules above him our favorite Disney male ranks high with A minus. Funny remark

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