Aladdin Musical keeps on going

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Disney revealed today that the popular “Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” at Disney’s California Adventure theme park will not close as previously announced.

The show was scheduled to close on August 15 to make way for “Toy Story – The Musical” (from Disney Cruise Line)but “by popular demand,” the “Aladdin” show will continue to be performed at the theme park’s Hyperion Theater.

So will “Toy Story – The Musical” make it to the parks? Disney says: “Buzz, Woody and their pals will stay focused on the new additions in Toy Story Mania…for now”

Disney also notes that as part of the ongoing improvement/expansion of Disney’s California Adventure, construction will begin around the theater on August 15, but they will keep the “Aladdin” show up and running as much as possible.

And while you continue saving money for a trip to Disneyland watch Aladdin a Musical Spectular in HD to get an idea what to expect. Watch 2:40
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