Disney’s Aladdin Holiday Coloringpage

kangofu at the LiveJournal community Agrabah posted an Aladdin/Jasmine Holiday coloring page . It’s from a recent Princess Magazine that came out in her country. I’ve nothing to offer her in return, but maybe you have! If you have any Aladdin holiday-ish artwork, photos, scans or anything else to offer go over to >Agrabah and let her know.

Aladdin and Jasmine clebrating Christmas coloring page scanned by kangofu

Princess Magazine issue 12: Covers Jasmine, Cinderella and Aurora

The Disney division responsible for the publisations of Princess are just in time for the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Aladdin’s debut. In DPM (Disney Princess Magazine) issue 12 has small Jasmine artwork on the front cover she shares space with a cute smiling Aurora and the sweet looking Cinderella. Issue 12 introduces Cinderella’s golden enchanted tales dress in comic and center poster. Beauty’s Belle gets attention in a couple activities in a coloring page. Princess Aurora and Snow White get spotlight in a comic and several little games/activites.

Jasmine on Disney Princess issue 12

Our desert rose has a two page story about her “Impossible Wish” with beautiful artwork of Agrabah in the distance and her and Aladdin on Carpet. The story premise goes like this.

When Jasmine and Aladdin admire a painting of a meddow full with colorful flowers Jasmine wishes that she could see such goregus flowers from her bedroom balcony. At the balcony Aladdin explains it’s an impossible because flowers don’t grow in the sand. Then she looks up to the sky and an idea comes to her. Together with her boyfriend the princess takes on carpet making twists and turns through the clouds sculpting them into white flower clouds. Admering Jasmine’s creativty Aladdin remarks that they’re still white. His girlfriend mentions him to wait
and see and when the sun sets the clouds color pink, lila, orange and yellow shades.

Pink clouds from a Disney Princes Magazine

Anniversary Wallpaper

A big anniversary like this week can’t go by without an appropriate wallpaper. Based on an image in the most recent Princess magazine comes A Whole Old World Anniversary Wallpaper.

Sorry just a 1024 by 768 pixel version. Set the wallpaper as your desktop by clicking on the thumbnail to load the full screen version then right click and choose Set as background .

A Whole Old World Anniversary Wallpaper