Comic: Sultan’s Birthday

There’s a new Aladdin comic in the Donald Duck comic issue 46. Since I haven’t transelated it, I’m having personal issues so I don’t have the time or spirit to do it the premise goes like this. Aladdin wants to impress the Sultan and Jasmine on the leader’s birthday. Genie suggests doing a reveue with all the works. Iago spies on the guys and transfers the message to Jafar who uses it to kidnap the Sultan and lock up Al. So when Aladdin does his magic trick the sultan ends up lost. Jafar arrests Al and takes over the lamp but because the genie lost his selfesteemthat his magic didn’t work he’s not in the mood to do Jafar’s bidding. So snake wizard tells big blue how he did kidnap the sultan and let Aladdin take the fall. Of course Jasmine over hears him and with the help of Genie she tricks Jafar in releasing her father and friends in exchange for, what he believes, are the documents to transfer the kingdom to him.

Tiger escapes, Agrabah panics

In this weeks Dutch Donald Duck comic magzine Rajah escapes the palace in search for princess Jasmine. Meanwhile the wizard Jafar sees a chance to sieze power.

As far as I know this is second comic starring Rajah, the last time was in a Disney Princess magazine years ago. And while the TV series has over 80 episodes made not one featured Jasmine’s pet tiger.

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