Daan Jippens writes Havank

Aladdin character designer and storyboarder Daan Jippens completed his second Havank comic album this month.

In today’s Metro edition Amsterdam editor Ruben EG has a story about the all-round comic artist with Dutch blood. His career at Disney spans from working on the weekly Donald Duck magazine in the 70’s moving up to animation Daan got a job as character designer and/or storyboarder for classics like The Prince and the Pauper, Aladdin, Mulan. Between movie assignments he designed merchandise for Beauty and the Beast. His last years at the studio where spend working on a couple of sequels and House of Mouse before saying goodbye to Hollywood to return of his passion of making comics.

Havank is based on the books by Hans van der Kallen. Daan on Havank.
“I’m trying to create a marriage between the Havank of Hans and the comics of my childhood. My Havank is more tempramental, more Louis de Funes. I think it’s more fun otherwise the story would be too stiff.

Comic: Aladdin in Friday the 13th

This week’s issue of the Donald Duck finally featured a new Aladdin story. In Friday the 13th it’s as the title implies the 13th on a Friday in the genie year 1313. It’s the day when all wishes go wrong. For example Aladdin wishes for a cake and he gets it in his face because he hasn’t said how he wants it, on a plate, and where, on a table. So when Jafar gets hold of the lamp and wishes to marry Princess Jasmine the mayhem is complete. The dark sinister man ends up with a fat ugly “princess Jasmine” on the remote island Jak-y-bah. Next Jafar ends up half buried in the Cave of Wonders wishing to a place he can’t be found. Seconds before Jafar & Iago died in a gigantic wave Jaffie wishes that Friday the 13th would be over ending back in the palace but without the lamp, Jasmine or the treasure.

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 1

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 2

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 3

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 4

Friday the 13th Aladdin comic page 5

Short real Aladdin Comics in new Princess special

Sanoma Publishing, the company behind all Dutch Disney comic magazines, released this year’s Princess Summer special a few days ago. As usual Jasmine is hardly getting exposure but the quality is quite good in this issue. Besides some games and puzzles Jassy has a double page coloring page and 2 short 1-page comics.

The comics, in Donald Duck style rectangular pictures with text balloons, where first published on the back cover of the 52 Donald Duck issues in 1996. Written and illustrated by the folks of Comicup Studio, the Spanish company responsible for alll the drawings in Disney comics publish in Holland.

In the first Aladdin over hears Jasmine complaining about her beauty then when he suggests to Genie suggests to find the Fountain of Youth big blue suspects trouble. He’s right the moment Aladdin hands his princess a cub fill with the life water she gets upset and throws the water in Al’s direction. What happens next is obvious. \/
Aladdin Comic 1

In the second story Aladdin invites his girl for a magic carpet ride. The princess, romanced by the idea opts to visit the light house but is worried her father might find out about her sneaking away like that. What happens next is obvious. \/
Aladdin Comic 2