Monkey Invasion!

Agrabah\'s Army Special Operations unit, 80 Abu beanie toys
I saw the exact same auction 4 months ago that’s right before Christmas. It would seem jon-gilly couldn’t sell it to the streetstones (literal transelation of the Dutch expression aan de straat stenen niet kwijt kunnen meaning something in the line of can’t sell something to a fool). I imagine besides fools only Abu fanatics who adore the ground the klepto monkey walks on are willing to spend the 25 pounds plus shipping on for a box full of 80 Abu beanies.

From the object desciption:

Title :-Official – Walt Disney Aladdin Beanie – Cuddly Toy – Abu (cheeky) Monkey – Brand NEW ! !

Measures approx 26cm tall, a cool little gift. Brand NEW.

Box of 80, these sell for about £5 each with P&P… Make some money for xmas

Ebay: Romantic & TV Show Aladdin Lunchboxes

EBay’er angi406 lists an Aladdin lunchbox with a cute image of Al/Jas. I recognize the artwork from an ancient photo I kept it in my merchandise folder ever since I snapped it from some unknown long gone website. For a moment I thought a clipart of this existed but couldn’t find it on the usual sites. Hmm, I did see this artwork somewhere else, I think?? Get back to ya if I ever find it.

Aladdin and Jasmine back to back by the fountain lunchbox and thermo.

chevycollector55 currently sells a lunchbox with artwork inspired by the television show episode “Getting The Bugs Out”.

Aladdin and Genie versus the great, great, greatest inventor.