Fanarts: Hipposedeth, Ali Jr. Jas with bird in hand

Just a couple of fan arts I found at DeviantArt lately that I liked.

I love Queen Hipposedeth and her second in command Scara posing for an official Galafeme portrait. Check out the other Enemies of Agrabah@Da

I like this really young looking Aladdin by rhi-mix it could be Al’s teenage son dressed in his fathers old costume.

jesse52 obiviusly based this one on a coloring page featuring Jas during the magic carpet ride. I love the colors! Though her face is a bit off model then again coloring pages aren’t always on model either.

Last is a coloring page ‘painterised’ by oondustdreams. Cute but her face freaks me out.

Are you kidding me? Jasmine/Rajah fanart

DA user Opal-I did an amazing job in coloring a drawing of Jasmine and Rajah listing to Aladdin pouceing about how wonderful Princess Jasmine is by lordsnoopy. It’s excellent capturing the spirit of the scene well I mean I love the look she gives her pet tiger.

Opal’s focus is mainly on coloring other people’s drawings which is something this artist is pretty good at. Her other (Aladdin) work is certainly worth mentioning.
Jasmine from DPM cover recolored

LordSnoopy’s gallery has nice drawings of again Jasmine but also Rajah and Jafar.