New Aladdin Fansite

It doesn’t happen often anymore in these days of social media that someone takes the effort to put together a fansite for Aladdin. Because it’s easier to “like” or “follow” socialmedia sites like Facebook and Twitter and so express one’s fandom. I remember a time when the Aladdin fanbase was strong and active through the Aladdin Mailing List and the messageboard on Aladdin Central but that was quite a few years ago. So I was happily surprised that I go a mail from a fan who has started a new fansite this April.

Run by Jacob written in Polish the site is an hommage to the Aladdin fansites like they appeared in the late 1990’s early 2000’s complete with moving graphics and background sound. It has a nice collection of wallpapers and images and links to ROMS Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis video games for emulators to play on any computer. Plus there are summaries, images and videos (in English) of some of the better episodes from the Aladdin TV Series as well a link to Hercules Series episode where Team Aladdin had a cameo appearance.

Yahoo! Geocities ends service Oct. 26 2009

In May news came that Yahoo! has going to close their Geocities webhosting service somewhere in 2009. After hearing I tried to archive the sites that had a large influence in the forming of the fandom over the last decade. I tried to get in contact with their owners but never heard back so I took the liberty to start archiving. I managed to gather some smaller sites see my May post for the links.

Over the last two months I downloaded bits and pieces of Animated Movies and Realm of the Black Sand. Their quite heavy sites containing sever mp3’s and large screenshot galleries and with the stupid bandwidth limit it’s taking a long time.

If you still have a Geocities site somewhere and what to keep it please download the files to your local computer. Yahoo! provided simple instructions on how to gather your HTML and image files.
“1.Right-click on any page and choose Save Page As… from the menu that appears. (If you’re using a Mac, hold down the Ctrl key and click the page.)
2.Choose a location on your computer to save your files.
3.Click OK or Save to save the code and images associated with your page to your computer.
4.Repeat these steps on each page of your site.”

Yahoo! shuts down Geocities

I learned that Yahoo! plans to shut down their website later this year. Geocities was the main service where Aladdin fansites where hosted in the early days of the community. Some are gone, like the Jasmine fansite Jasmine’s Menagerie, many still survived the fast changing Internet and although their owners left their site to fall down in the abyss of the web, I feel they represent the history of the community as it once was, buzzing with activity, great discussions, old friendships, and lots of creativity.

Take Welcome to Agrabah for example, it is the first fansite its owner founded the Aladdin Mailing list, ran the Aladdin webring and co-wrote some of the best fiction ever.
Sadira’s Sand Scrolls was the first bring fan fiction to the outside world where it first was only circulating in the mailing list or was not online at all. Jasmine’s Oasis is one of the last good Jasmine fansite still online.

I send messages to the old and new communities to try get in contact with its owners to get permission to archive them at Streetrat.