Jim Shore Disney Sonata Princess Jasmine Aladdin 2011

>While looking around on Ebay for TV series action figures and wondering how many different characters where produced, I found Abis Mal, Capt. Murk , the cyclops and Prince Uncoutma I came across this beautiful music figure of Jas. Jim Shore also designed “Magic Carpet Ride” and a Genie figure. The image holds a link to his website.

2009 Aladdin & Jasmine figure in WDCC

Racing to the rescue - Walt Disney Classic collection figureThere’s a new Aladdin figure coming this September “Racing to the rescue” portays our hero surfing down a pile of gold and jewelry about to attack Jafar.
The price is $199 and is part of the Walt Disney Classics Collection
Daring distraction portays Jasmine as she distracts Jafar. She is yours for 150 US dollars and comes out the same day as ‘Aladdin’ somewhere in September 2009.

Daring Distraction Jasmine figure in Walt Disney Classic Collection