Fun Interview with Jonathan Freeman, Scott Freeman and Linda Larkin

The guys behind the Tiara Talk Show talked with the lead voice actors of Aladdin, Scott Wienger, Linda Larkin and Jonathan Freeman about how they ended up being the voice of popular Disney characters for almost 2 decades, how they got the part,  why they love their work and working for Disney in general. There’s some inside talk  about things like  the Music behind the Magic 4 CD box that contains demo recordings for songs that didn’t make into the final film, the inside joke of Scott Weinger dressing up as Aladdin in that Full House 2 part episode when the family went on holiday to Walt Disney World. And other stuff like the musical stage show in Disney California adventures.


Holland celebrates carnival at least the folks down south, below the big rivers, party like there’s no tomorrow. Carnival means lots of parades. Every city and town has at least one parade. I personally never go to carnival, way too loud and busy for my taste. However it seems I should’ve visit Doetinchem. Someone made an Aladdin car.

Talking about parades a few days ago footage of Aladdin’s 1993 Disney MGM studios parade popped up at YouTube. You know the parade with the spitting camels that was featured in Full House. Jasmine even asks that annoying interviewer that you should ingore if he’s Bob Saget and listen to ‘prince Ali’ doesn’t he sound allot like Scott Weinger?

What’s up with the Full House cast?

I’m watching Ghost Whisperer, a drama/fantasy series about a young woman Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) who can talk with earthbound spirits of dead people and help them cross over.

Together with series like Lost, Medium and Cold Case one of the better shows in a TV world full of programs that are full of trash, to say it nicely.
In tonight’s episode Demon Child a familiar face guest starred; Lori Loughlin, best known for playing Becky in Full House.

She still is pretty and looks better than ever before, even better then she looked in Full House roughly 16 years ago. Sadly Lori didn’t land any big roles since Full House ended. Mostly guest roles in semi-popular series as Spin City other than that Lori was in allot of TV movies, mostly dramas. So I wondered, what’s the rest of the Full House cast up to these days?

A little research on IMDB learned the following. Bob Saget (Danny) is with former co-stars Dave Coulier (Joey) and John Stamos (Jessie) in Sagets directed “Farce of the Penguins” also starring Jason Alexander and Gilbert Gottfried. The Tanner girls with the exception of the Olsen twin did little acting in recent years.
Jodie Sweetin tragically had a drug problem but is recovering. Last role: Maryanne in “Yes, dear.” My favorite Tanner girl, Candace Cameron Bure became a religious freak and is married happily with kids to NHL player Valeri Bure. She does some acting now and then but I imagine that raising three young children she had other duties to attend to. Last role: The Krew as Chief Karls. We never heard from Andrea Barber (Kimmy) since Full House, probably choose a different career.

That leaves Scott, besides reprising Aladdin for video games and such he wrote a few episodes for the sitcom “What I Like About You” starring my favorite actress from “Beverly Hills, 90210″, Jennie Garth