New Glen Keane Short “Duet”

“Duet” is the first hand drawn animated short by the hands of Glen Keane since he left the Disney studios a couple of years ago. I see several influences from the Disney films Glen worked on in the animation of “Duet”. While I have not spotted any Aladdin influence I did see Tarzan in how the boy climbs the tree. Pocahontas/Belle in the movement of the adult girl as ballerina and Beauty and the Beast in the kiss at the end.


Glen Keane reacts to Dreamworks move rumors

Steve from TAG blog, that’s the watchdog of the animation industry employee’s, chatted with Glen Keane about the rumor that surfaced recently about him getting an offer by Jeffery Katzenberg to pack up and move to Dreamworks. The whole discussion in the comments isn’t really of interest to us industry outsiders.

“My contract is up at Disney in May, and I’m doing due diligence, looking around, seeing what’s out there. I’m 57 years old and I want to make the rest of my career count.

“I’ve known Jeffrey Katzenberg for a long time, and like him. And DreamWorks Animation is a dynamic studio. I also like what’s happening at Disney. I think Tangled was one of our best features, and I did more drawings on it than I did working on Tarzan. It was great working with the animators on the crew, helping them take the work to the next level …”

The Great Alan Menken goes at it again

At the UK & Ireland Facebook is a video posted of Alan Menken, who doesn’t need any introdcution what so ever, doing a medley of his greatest work for Disney animated films. Something the good man has done a zillion times before but I for one can’t get enough to listen.

In other Aladdin crew news, Andreas Deja recently said in interview he likes to see a Disney character that is gay. And there are rumors that master animator Glen Keane is in talks with Dreamworks to work for him. Follow the thread at Ultimate Disney but take it with a grain of salt if I where you.

Unique Jasmine sketches by Mark Henn

Over at the LiveJournal community Agrabah arielstreasures shared unique sketches of Princess Jasmine she scanned from a French making of Disney heroines back she got from her libary. Fans of Meg and Belle should keep an eye out, arielstreasures hopes to scan their sketches too.

The drawings show Jasmine using her body and looks to get what she wants. First the scene on her balcony she makes a move to the unexpecting Aladdin preteding to be impressed by his babble. And later she comes on to Jafar to disctact him.
Making a move to Aladdin
Then she pulled his cape up and over his head
Making her move to Jafar

Disney animator Joe Grant in his younger years

In his later years Joe Grant contributed to some of the hit 90's Disney films like Aladdin. This after leaving Disney Studios in 1949

In his later years Joe Grant contributed to some of the hit 90’s Disney films like Aladdin. This after leaving Disney Studios in 1949

Animators at Work gives us a glimpse back in time as we see many big names in the animation industry doing what they do best: draw. Besides Joe Animators at Work has photos of some major Aladdin players to name a few Mark Henn, Nik Ranieri, Andreas Deja, Eric Goldberg, Will Finn and Kathy Zielenski.