Animation Podcast interview with Ken Duncan continued

The Animation Podcast talked with Ken Duncan is a Disney character animator from 1990 to 2002 projects include supporting characters like Thomas in Pocahontas to leading a team of animators on bringing Megara (Hercules) and Tarzan’s Jane to life. On Aladdin he worked with Andreas Deja on Jafar.

He left Disney after Treasure Planet to do Shark Tale for DreamWorks followed by Disney’s The Wild and TMNT as freelance animator. Today he runs his own studio Duncan Studio in Pasada, California.

The Best Of Lea Salonga

When Aladdin Central regular Amadou asked a recording of the Lea Salonga / Brad Kane song “We Could Be In Love” I felt the urge to devote a post to her work. In her career as singer, voice and theatrical actress Lea Salonga’s voice is heard on almost 20 albums, most of which aren’t even sold here in the Netherlands. Lucky for me some of my favorite songs are on YouTube.

Personal Favorite #1 True Colors

Personal Favorite #2 You Must Love Me

Personal Favorite #3 (shared place) Somewhere Over The Rainbow & Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Not favorites per se but defiantly worth mentioning.
Covers from 90’s Disney songs

Land Of The Loving from her album Inspired

Lea’s religions side heard in We Are Yours, Lord