Whose horse is quicker? Aladdin or Jasmine

Jasmine rides against Aladdin in the Disney Princess storybooklet Royal Champions

LiveJournal member rebel princess posted scans of Royal Champions a cute Disney Princess booklet about horses starring Aurora, Ariel and our very own Jasmine. In the story The Desert Race the princess rides her horse Midnight against Aladdin’s steed who is powered by genie magic.
The stories of Aurora and Ariel look cute too and Ariel is human which doesn’t happen that often in Disney Princess merchandise.

You can try to download scans through Rapidshare although I wasn able, the site keeps asking to become a premium user. There are more pics in the replies over at d_princess.

Amazon sells the booklet is for around 10 US dollars. Dutch Bol.com has it for around 15 EURO.

Genie’s Funniest Moments

After all those years Genie isn’t as funny as he used to be back in the day I’m more an Iago humor fan now I’m older. Still at least two moments in the feature film always keep me chuckling. The sheepish scene, a 17 year old boy tricks a millennia old genie who (probably) had a dozen masters before so he should know the drill. I don’t believe Aladdin is the first to trick big blue in a freebie wish.
The second scene is just weird Genie humor, mode of transportation. Watch out they spit!