Making of How to Hook Up Your Home Theater

Good news for the fans of Disney’s top 2D animators and Aladdin’s key animators. As you might have heard Eric Goldberg (supervisor animator Genie) contributed to the Goofy short How to Hook Up Your Home Theater now playing in front National Treasure: Book of Secrets . In an interview with AWM he told he’s working on a short cartoon of his own.

He said:

Goldberg, who is currently animating a character for The Princess and the Frog 2D feature, is also storyboarding his own short involving Mickey, Donald & Goofy. “It’s in the vein of Boat Builders.

In the same article Jasmine’s character designer and animator Mark Henn spoke about the parts he animated. Animation World Magazine has a clip of How to Hook up Your Home Theater where we see Goofy shopping for a TV The football footage is Mark’s animation. It’s easy to mistake it for the 1944 How To Play Football. Next up was Andreas “Jafar” Deja to explain a bit on how he sees Goofy.

Dale Baer continues to explain that Eric, Mark and Andreas animate the old fashioned way, on paper. And that half the short was animated using Cintiq, a sort tablet computer running professional design/animation software Maya. A sort of high-end Photoshop I guess.

The two directors Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers reveal that next up is The Ballad of Nessie with Henn and Andreas in the team.

Well done, guys! I can relate to Goofy. When I was hooking up our LCD HD TV I couldn’t figure out why the device didn’t receive a signal. Turned out that I didn’t see the connector where the HD-recorder cable transmitted the cable signal.

In the meantime 3 weeks are past and National Treasure: Book Of Secrets is in Dutch cinema’s since a week.
Now usually I don’t bother to see films in cinema other then Disney animated films or other animation that might be intresting. Exceptions are the Pirate’s films and the two Spider-Man sequels all which I enjoyed very much. That said I went to NT: Book of Secrets hoping to see How to Hook up Your Home Theater. Just my luck it was the usual stupid commercials and boring trailers but no short. The film it self was expected nothing special I’ve seen better films from Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio like last years Pirates 3 or The Legend of Zorro.
Since local cinema’s do show Pixar shorts before feature films I assumed it would be no different then this time. Now I hope it’s on the Enchanted dvd when it comes out in the spring.