JoShadow Collection, Series 1 – Lampe Alexander Disney Villians Shadow Collection

Shadow Collection, Series 1 - LampArtist Joe Alexander has created this gorgeous set of prints showing just how iconic the silhouettes Disney’s animation has created. And my how they loom. Because they’s for sale as Art Prints, Gagdet covers and some other stuff there’s always something you’ll like.

Besides the classic Disney Princesses with their villians the line includes Cruella, Captain Hook, The Queen of Hearts and Merida’s mother from Brave.

Some Aladdin icons at LJ

I see about a dozen icons flying by on LiveJournal community d_princess every week but it’s almost always the reuse of the same old pictures of mostly Jas. Personally I don’t find that news worthy, not that icons at that news worthy anyway but since there’s not anything big happing in the community it will do. Anyway the grapics name, love the name, has some nice Aladdin icons. Preview below.

365 days of Jasmine icons

Well maybe not 365 icons, I bet if someone would want to there’s enough Jasmine in the cannon (films, series, video game) to have a ‘Daily Jas’.  There’s a  LiveJournal icon community called  365disney and user esprit_serein made a start at making icons for spefic themes like Flight, Back, Magic.  The icons I’ve seen so far  are very pretty.

15 Art of Aladdin Icons

Here are 15 icons from the Art of Aladdin book I purchased recently.  Check the background caricatures. I wonder if there are some caricatures of production members among the crowds.
the amazing expressions and the beautiful details in the backgrounds. The movie has been iconed to death, just like other 90’s films like BatB and TLM so I tried to come up some fresh points of view.