Artsylum Quartet Aladdin Medley

There very talented young performers from the Artsylum Quarte, piano, violin and bass, preform a wonderful rendition of Arabian Nights, A Friend Like Me, Prince Ali and A Whole New World. The latter was really amazing to listen and enjoy the beautiful composition by Alan Menken. Shame about the background noises though. Also listen to their The Little Mermaid medley, Pocahontas and Mulan preforms at their Youtube account.

AWNW instrumental with sheetmusic video

People always ask on fandub vids “OMG where did you find the sheetmusic? I’ve been looking for it like forever” or something in this extent. Well one source is YouTube itself. Now I can’t read music notes and have little understanding how high and low notes work on musicsheets but my ears bleed listing to either video below. It’s hard to find the medley and some parts even sound like it’s a different song altogether. I hope the videos could help someone play A Whole New World the way it should be done. If not I suggest to look elsewhere for your sheetmusic.