Japanese Disney Princess Magazine Scans

Snow White on a Japanese Disney Princess cover

kangofu, posted cute scans of the princesses at the LiveJournal community d_princess I lurk. The magazine in Japan is quite different from the European version much more busy and present. I don’t think I would buy it. Jasmine got a little presesnence by appearing in a standard pose but with a fancy dress on a calender titled “Pretty as a Flower” which suits her being named after a flower and all and she and Rajah are decorating a drawing activity. Rajah is standard clipart I’ve seen as a sticker before but Jasmine’s pose I question if it’s new-ish. It might be a different pose that’s simalair it’s not in my stickers books that I am sure. Jassy’s got two standard coloring pages one you’ll find in the Coloring Page Gallery

She promises to do her best to scan an issue that has Jasmine on the cover, I’ll keep an eye out.