Black Sand Review

Heather made lots of screens of the Mozenrath episode Black Sand, free for grabs but a back link to Aladdin Central’s Image Galllery is much appreciated. Anyway I thought it was a good time to discuss Black Sand.

Mozenrath uses the mysterious black sand the replace everyone with a disguised Mamluck. Rasoul and his guards are the first victims to the sand, next is Jasmine followed by Genie and the Sultan even Aladdin is sucked into the world of the black sand.
It’s my least favorite Mozenrath episode and an average series episode. The story is shaking; it takes a long time before the story takes off. Iago has a few funny lines and Genie he’s an idiot Like when’s succumbed to the sand, delivered in a wooden barrel he thinks it’s the barrel fairy giving him the container. Lucky his role is relative small. Iago is the one with the smart remarks like prying at the Jasmine mamluck, the parrot doesn’t know she’s a mamluck, if there’s a party at hand.
There’s a good piece of action halfway in a fight between Aladdin and the Jasmine clone. Because after Aladdin’s succumbed to the sand Carpet in essence saves the day by going in attached to a rope giving his friends an escape route while Iago and Abu distract Mozenrath and Xerxes.
The good guys return to Agrabah, they fight off the Mamlucks and Mozenrath is defeated by his own hand.