Lego makes genie minifigure

Since last year Lego started the Collectable Minifigures series. Each 3 months they bring out 16 unique minifigures in small bags for about 2 EURO each. It’s a fun but expensive hobby since you don’t know what you bought until the bag is open. Clever Lego collectors quickly figured out way the cheat. Each series, there have been 5 so far, contains a mix of city, historic and fantasy themed minifigs. For example in Series 1 there was an Indian and a forest man but also a nurse and a cheerleader in the historic and city themes. In later series figures obviously inspired by existing characters in Film/TV or other entertainment started appear. A female lifeguard looks a bit like CJ aka Pamela Anderson from Baywatch. A green witch resembles Elphaba from the Wicked musical. In the third series an Elf who could come strait from Lord of the Rings and the latest series a Britsh detective who could be the minifigu-red version of Sherlock Holmes reaches stores. At the moment its not 100% sure, the Lego company has a strict policy against leaked images specially on popular themes, but series 6 could contain a genie with magic lamp.

I collected a large part of the first and second series but stopped when it got to expansive for my taste, my collection sits behind glass with my PVC Aladdin figure collection.. Second hand Lego sites like Bricklink people list some of these figures at 5 times the price of a single bag.

Custom Lego Aladdin Minifigs

Yeah, finally something to write about. You can’t believe how hard it is to find something worth writing about these days. Let’s take a look at Adult Lego Fan c.q. AFOL tin7_creations. He updated his custom made Aladdin minfigs from 4 years ago. So I could be that I wrote about these back in 2006.

Cartoony Palace Guards from Disney’s Aladdin

Now that Lego released a Prince of Persiatheme a whole buckets of new elements became available to make Persian/Ancient Arabian like themes in Lego. I’m taking animals like camels and ostriches, more ancient weapons like swords and daggers and elements to make buildings like cloths for market stalls or golden round roofs for towers.

It so happens that I have enough shelf space to make a street and I always wanted to recreate Agrabah in Lego so I’m planning out a small street for 3 or 4 buildings, a tower and market stalls like they appeared in the movie. I took some screenshots from the One Jump Ahead sequence and came across some hilarious cartoony moments of the palace guards chasing Aladdin and Abu around town. Moments in the movie that are easily missed watching the film on normal play. Note: images are in HD quality 1920 X 1080 pixels

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