Part of His World – celebrating Howard Ashman’s life & work

Howard Ashaman’s sister, Sarah Ashman Gillespie s recently started a blog devoted to her brother the amazing lyricist, composer, producer, writer and creative genius who past away far to early now almost 21 years ago to the day. With this blog she recalls her childhood and talks with the many people Howard worked with and became friends like some of the big names at the Disney animation studio in California. One of them John Musker co-director/co-writer/co-producer  of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin anwsers 10 questions about working with Howard Ashman. So far he is on the 3th question. The second one, counting down from 10 it’s actually the 8th, he’s been asked.

“This is a tricky one. How different would Aladdin have turned out had Howard lived? Did Howard ever write a screenplay or did Linda Woolverton write the original draft?” 



The Original Making of Aladdin TV Special

I just watched something I’ve been wanting to see forever, The Making of Aladdin: A Whole New World hosted by  John Rhys-Davies. True parts of it did make it to the 2004 SE DVD and yes the animators do tell the same as they’ve done in the Making of book and again in interviews. But this making of documtentry took me back 16 years ago when Aladdin was the latested and greatest the Disney animation studios pulled out of their pencils. 

Download The Making of Aladdin: A Whole New World at Vinnie Rattolle’s blog

Unique Jasmine sketches by Mark Henn

Over at the LiveJournal community Agrabah arielstreasures shared unique sketches of Princess Jasmine she scanned from a French making of Disney heroines back she got from her libary. Fans of Meg and Belle should keep an eye out, arielstreasures hopes to scan their sketches too.

The drawings show Jasmine using her body and looks to get what she wants. First the scene on her balcony she makes a move to the unexpecting Aladdin preteding to be impressed by his babble. And later she comes on to Jafar to disctact him.
Making a move to Aladdin
Then she pulled his cape up and over his head
Making her move to Jafar

Art of Wallpaper

I finally finished scanning The Art of Aladdin book, a Sotheby’s catalog listing orginal artwork used for the movie, that I bought a while ago. If you take a look at the two wallpapers I made below you probably will admire the talent of Disney’s background painters. The first wallpaper is the standard 1024 by 768 pixel format while the second one is slightly higher.