Making of How to Hook Up Your Home Theater

Good news for the fans of Disney’s top 2D animators and Aladdin’s key animators. As you might have heard Eric Goldberg (supervisor animator Genie) contributed to the Goofy short How to Hook Up Your Home Theater now playing in front National Treasure: Book of Secrets . In an interview with AWM he told he’s working on a short cartoon of his own.

He said:

Goldberg, who is currently animating a character for The Princess and the Frog 2D feature, is also storyboarding his own short involving Mickey, Donald & Goofy. “It’s in the vein of Boat Builders.

In the same article Jasmine’s character designer and animator Mark Henn spoke about the parts he animated. Animation World Magazine has a clip of How to Hook up Your Home Theater where we see Goofy shopping for a TV The football footage is Mark’s animation. It’s easy to mistake it for the 1944 How To Play Football. Next up was Andreas “Jafar” Deja to explain a bit on how he sees Goofy.

Dale Baer continues to explain that Eric, Mark and Andreas animate the old fashioned way, on paper. And that half the short was animated using Cintiq, a sort tablet computer running professional design/animation software Maya. A sort of high-end Photoshop I guess.

The two directors Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers reveal that next up is The Ballad of Nessie with Henn and Andreas in the team.

Well done, guys! I can relate to Goofy. When I was hooking up our LCD HD TV I couldn’t figure out why the device didn’t receive a signal. Turned out that I didn’t see the connector where the HD-recorder cable transmitted the cable signal.

In the meantime 3 weeks are past and National Treasure: Book Of Secrets is in Dutch cinema’s since a week.
Now usually I don’t bother to see films in cinema other then Disney animated films or other animation that might be intresting. Exceptions are the Pirate’s films and the two Spider-Man sequels all which I enjoyed very much. That said I went to NT: Book of Secrets hoping to see How to Hook up Your Home Theater. Just my luck it was the usual stupid commercials and boring trailers but no short. The film it self was expected nothing special I’ve seen better films from Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio like last years Pirates 3 or The Legend of Zorro.
Since local cinema’s do show Pixar shorts before feature films I assumed it would be no different then this time. Now I hope it’s on the Enchanted dvd when it comes out in the spring.

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 28: The Animators

To celebrate that today precisely 15 years ago Disney’s Aladdin premiered Streetrat featured a daily high-quality picture for the past 25 days. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so. Besides stills from the movie the program contained promotional photos of the key people who brought this animated film to life.

Aladdin’s animation team consisted of hunderds of animators, assisent, animators, inbetweenters and others like coloring artists and the special effects animators. Like all Disney features each character was assigned a unit under the leadership of a supervisor animator responsible for the character design.

Glen Keane

Supervisior Animator Aladdin

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Glen Keane
Glen drawing Aladdin. Here seen mid-way
through the film.

Before Aladdin, Glen studied at Calarts up to 1974 when he rolled into “The Rescuers” where he was tutored by Ollie Johnston. And so his skills grew as he went from “Pete’s Dragon” to “The Fox and The Hound” to “The Great Mouse Detective” as freelancer. In between working with the man who would eventually run Disney Animation John Lasseter on an early CG short “Where The Wild Things Are” in 1983. When that short didn’t get made, because a cost issue Glen moved back to Disney as employee and did character animation for “Oliver & Company”.
It was as supervisior animator of Ariel Glen Keane’s star started to shine which got brighter in his ground breaking animation of Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”.
After Aladdin came Pocahontas and Hercules before his last feature animation project “Treasure Planet” was released in 2002. Between then and the upcoming Rapunzel film Mr. Keane did a few sequel projects like animating Faline in Bambi 2.

Mark Henn

Supervisior Animator Jasmine

No photo
Before Aladdin we knowthat Mark Henn started at Disney on “The Black Cauldron” as mere animator. What he did before that it is unclear, I assume he rolled in into CalArts at some point before being hired by Disney. Quickly Mark was promoted to supervisior animator for the next two projects “The Great Mouse Detective” and “Oliver” before having the title animation director on his office door when co-working with Glen Keane on Ariel’s design. It was then he moved to Florida where lead the unit doing Belle in “Beauty”.
After Aladdin, Mark stayed in Florida to supervise Young Simba for “The Lion King” Appearently did some work for Pixar between projects because he is credited as visual effects and modeling on “Toy Story”. Back at Disney followed “Pocahontas” and “Mulan” with moddeling for “A Bug’s Life” in between.
Not credited but I think he did some work on “A Goofy Movie” too. In 2000 he did additional animation on “The Emperor’s New Groove”, modeling for the Pixar 2001 film “Monsters Inc“. before faling down the ladder to do “Lilo & Stitch” as Lead Animator (Hula Dancers).
Back in the supervisior seat on “Home on the Range” before transfering to CG in “Meet the Robinsons”
Currently Mark Henn and Andreas Deja are in the shorts program having just finished the Goofy short.

Andreas Deja

Supervisior Animator Jafar

Japanese Movie Program Scan -Andreas Deja
Mr. Deja sketching Jafar. Here seen talking to Iago.

Before Aladdin, Andreas Deja rolled into Disney in the 80’s as animator on “The Black Cauldron” then he went onto “The Great Mouse Detective”, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Oliver and Company”. A quick side-step animating Mickey Mouse in “The Prince and the Pauper” before rolling into the first of the top four Disney features of the 90’s. In “Mermaid” he supervised the King Triton animation unit and in “Beauty” he designed Gaston.
After Aladdin followed Scar in “The Lion King” next was another Mickey short “Run Away Brain”. Andreas animated the title character and hero in “Hercules” before he did some work on “The Emperor’s New Groove”. Another quick little project on Mickey’s animation in “Fantasia 2000” before doing his first female lead character in “Lilo and Stitch” ending his feature film career with “Home on the Range”.
He had and advisor role in “Bambi 2” before doing some animation of Queen Narissa in this years “Enchanted”.

Eric Goldberg

Supervisior Animator Genie

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Eric Goldberg
Eric doing a sketch of Genie.
Likely from his first scenes in the cave.

Before Aladdin Eric Goldberg was a freelancer animator on several projects directed by Richard Willaims who in turn in best know for his unfinished project “The Princess and the Cobbler” also known as “Arabian Nights”. Bad tonques say the Aladdin crew stole or borrowed from this movie.
After Aladdin Eric Goldberg stayed at Disney to direct “Pocahontas” and animate Phil in “Hercules” and drawn some “Fantasia 2000” segments. He also got a cameo appearence as animator in that movie. What followed was a period of live action comedies where Eric did the neccary (2d/cg/sfxc) animation “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” is the best known film of that period.
In 2001 Eric Goldberg returned to Disney to write, direct and (probably) animate the Disneyland Japan resort attraction “The Magic Lamp 3D”, it combines a 3D CG animation with a live stage show, starring Genie. Currently his is reunited with Aladdin directors Ron Clements & John Musker and his fellow animator Andreas Deja for “The Princess and the Frog”.
Between feature projects he is often interviewed for Disney DVD bonus material on classic and modern animated films by the studio.

Will Finn

Supervisior Animator Iago

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Will  Finn
Will Finn predenting to be Iago who explains
Jafar his plans to dump the sultan royal family.

Before Aladdin Willaim S. Fin did work on the Don Bluth classic “The Secret of NIMH” before doing a Goofy short as his first Disney project. Followewas Filmations “Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night” then back at Disney Will Finn animated on “Oliver” and “Beauty”.
After Aladdin he stayed at Disney up till their last traditional animated feature film “Home on the Range” In between Disney films Will was at Dreamworks for “The Road to El Dorado”
In 1994 Will Finn did storyboard work for “Return of Jafar”.

Duncan Marjoribanks

Supervisior Animator Abu

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Duncan Marjoribanks
Abu looks about ready to be naughty as Duncan shows his drawing.

Before Aladdin Duncan joined the Studio during production of “Mermaid” where he did Sebasitaan. Before this he worked at Hanna-Barbara on a Heidi film. Next was McLeach the villain of the forgotten Rescuers sequel “The Rescuers Down Under”.
After Aladdin Duncan topped with “Pocahontas” where he wrote the story for, video reference cast, character design and animation for. He held an office on the Disney lot until after “Huncback” where had some additional animation tasks. His next office was at Dreamworks where he worked on “The Prince of Egypt”, “The Road to El Dorado” and “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”.
After that he was back at Burbank for “Home on the Range” and “Meet the Robinsons” in animation tasks.

David Pruiksma

Supervisior Animator Sultan

Japanese Movie Program Scan - David Pruiksma
David Pruiksma studying a sculpture of the Sultan

Before Aladdin David Pruiksma’s carreer started as assistent animator on “The Black Cauldron” in 1985. He stayed at Disney for almost 20 years going from project to project as the only supervising animator on Aladdin to have worked on all films from “Mermaid” to “Pocahontas”.
After Aladdin came “The Lion King”, “Pocahontas”, “Hunchback”, then a gap to “Atlantis” in 2001 with another gap to the short “One by One”.

Randy Cartwright

Supervisior Animator Carpet and Cave of Wonders

Japanese Movie Program Scan -Randy Cartwright
Randy drawing Carpet.

Before Aladdin the Disney vetran Randy Cartwright began at Disney on “Pete’s Dragon” then “Fox”, “Brave Little Toaster” and Mickey’s Christmas Carol” before joining the Belle unit on “Beauty”.
After Aladdin Mr. Cartwright’s star went up with his work on Zazu on “The Lion King” then to the story deparments of “Pocahontas” and “Hercules” before setting up camp at Dreamworks. There did story and animation of the various films like “The Prince of Egypt” and all following films including “Shrek”. He was last credit as story writer on “Madagascar”.
Like Glen, Andreas and Eric Randy is often seen on Disney DVDs.