Aladdin villians tribute

Trident did a few tributes to the badguys and girls from the Aladdinverse.
Set under Billy Joel’s You May Be Right, great artist by the way, clips from Chaos from the tribute to this crazy all-power cat.

The hilarious Looney Tunes tribute Abis Mal, Aladdin most annoying and funny opponent with his turban obsession.

The to me unknown rockband Trooper hails most of Agrabah’s Enemies using screens capped by myself I have/had stored online somewhere for years.

The Fearsome Eight Aladdin style by Goldy-Gry

DeviantArt artist Goldy-Gry published “Aladdin Villains 2” today. A commission of four of Agrabah’s most powerful enemies.
Arbutus has the power to let plants do his bidding,
Kartoum the powerful wizard capable of stripping Mozenrath from his powers,
Ayam Aghoul lord of the underworld with the power control shadows and Chaos the hectic cat with more power in his pinky then a palace full of genies.

Aladdin Villains 2 by *Goldy-Gry on deviantART

In an earlier commission for anime-tr-oblast-kurt Goldy-Gry formed a team of the TV series recurring villains Mozenrath, Abis Mal, Mechanicles and Mirage.

Aladdin Villains by *Goldy-Gry on deviantART

Ebay: Romantic & TV Show Aladdin Lunchboxes

EBay’er angi406 lists an Aladdin lunchbox with a cute image of Al/Jas. I recognize the artwork from an ancient photo I kept it in my merchandise folder ever since I snapped it from some unknown long gone website. For a moment I thought a clipart of this existed but couldn’t find it on the usual sites. Hmm, I did see this artwork somewhere else, I think?? Get back to ya if I ever find it.

Aladdin and Jasmine back to back by the fountain lunchbox and thermo.

chevycollector55 currently sells a lunchbox with artwork inspired by the television show episode “Getting The Bugs Out”.

Aladdin and Genie versus the great, great, greatest inventor.