Lego-fied Aladdin and Jafar

Over at Eurobricks, a Lego forum I’ll lurke. Member The Penguin made Lego minifig versions of Aladdin and Jafar. The figs are custom made. Some people make their own Lego pieces by clay or other methots in this case Aladdin’s hair, fez and sword are homemade. The Jafar minifig has cape, shoulderpads and snakestaff specially made. Their faces and printing on torso and legs are selfmade decals. So the only Lego Company parts are Aladdin’s legs, torso and head and Jafar’s legs, which is a slope normally used in roofs, torso and head.
Lego Aladdin minifig

Lego Jafar minifig

Lego Aladdin Jafar minifig battle over Agrabah