Remember freedom


Today I stumbled on this amazing fanart series of some of the Disney princesses looking back at their otherself through a mirror. Remembering a time before their lives changed forever. Follow the link to the artists DeviantArt page for Ariel, Belle, Aurora Mulan and and Pocahontas.

Remember Freedom by Sonala on deviantART

Artsylum Quartet Aladdin Medley

There very talented young performers from the Artsylum Quarte, piano, violin and bass, preform a wonderful rendition of Arabian Nights, A Friend Like Me, Prince Ali and A Whole New World. The latter was really amazing to listen and enjoy the beautiful composition by Alan Menken. Shame about the background noises though. Also listen to their The Little Mermaid medley, Pocahontas and Mulan preforms at their Youtube account.

Animated Views talks with Mark Henn

For a couple of years Animated News was the source for Disney news and a good source for Aladdin related new items often crew related. Last year the updates became infrequent and I stopped coming there. It since then got an overhaul and focused on editorial content in the form of reviews and interviews. Their lasted talk is with Disney veteran Mark Henn, the “girl guy” who animated many Disney ladies in the last 20 years including Jasmine and Tiana for those who don’t know him. In part 2 he talks about animating Belle, Jas, Young Simba down in the satellite studio in Florida while most of the animators reside in California and how commutation went between the two studios.
He doesn’t reveal anything new on how Jasmine’s design came together, he got his inspiration from his sister and Linda Larkin but I really enjoyed learning what scenes he did on Beauty and the Beast.

The Best Of Lea Salonga

When Aladdin Central regular Amadou asked a recording of the Lea Salonga / Brad Kane song “We Could Be In Love” I felt the urge to devote a post to her work. In her career as singer, voice and theatrical actress Lea Salonga’s voice is heard on almost 20 albums, most of which aren’t even sold here in the Netherlands. Lucky for me some of my favorite songs are on YouTube.

Personal Favorite #1 True Colors

Personal Favorite #2 You Must Love Me

Personal Favorite #3 (shared place) Somewhere Over The Rainbow & Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Not favorites per se but defiantly worth mentioning.
Covers from 90’s Disney songs

Land Of The Loving from her album Inspired

Lea’s religions side heard in We Are Yours, Lord