Artsylum Quartet Aladdin Medley

There very talented young performers from the Artsylum Quarte, piano, violin and bass, preform a wonderful rendition of Arabian Nights, A Friend Like Me, Prince Ali and A Whole New World. The latter was really amazing to listen and enjoy the beautiful composition by Alan Menken. Shame about the background noises though. Also listen to their The Little Mermaid medley, Pocahontas and Mulan preforms at their Youtube account.

Mickey’s Music Festival LIVE! featuring Aladdin

There is an upcoming UK tour of a new Disney LIVE! show Mickey’s Music Festival> , in the past few years there’s been a Mickey magic & rock show, a Disney Princess with Belle, Snow and Cindy and a Winnie the Pooh show touring around using the same Disney LIVE! concept from Feld Entertaiment closely following the proven Disney on Ice concept but aimed at even younger childeren, in this show Mickey and friends sing upbeat remixes of songs from The Little Mermaid, Toy Story and Aladdin guest starring the famous characters themselves. From Aladdin there seem to be Al, Jas and Genie in the show.

Here’s a clip from the show with Spanish soundtrack as it played in Tenerife.
Sounds like they used the orignal lyrics from the movie. Atleast A Whole New World sounds the same. The project is nice but should have looked 2D, the dancing palace is fun but odd looking and the dance sequence is a bit lame as it’s the same tricks used on the Disney On Ice shows

Rare German Aladdin spinoff radio play MC

Strolling off Ebay I came across this rare Aladdin spinoff radio play in German. It’s callled JAGOS RÃœCKKEHR and seems to be starring Iago. Although I’m not able to translate the title my gut tells me it’s like Return of Jafar, Iago switches sides from evil henchman to good sidekick.
It’s released on a music casssete or MC which was what MP3 is today a way to have portable music back in the 80’s. The walkman is like the Ipod of the 80’s.

Prince Ali in Catchy Retro 16-bit version

Here’s a reminder that the best video game based on Disney’s Aladdin came from Virgin on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Who can’t resist tapping along with Prince Ali (Agrabah Market level), One Jump Ahead (Agrabah Rooftops level) Arabian Nights (Sultan’s Dungon level) A Whole New World (ending and menu) and Friend Like Me is, naturellym played during the Inside the Lamp level. Actually I prefer the SNES version of A Whole New World over the Genesis one mostly because Capcom shows the magic carpet ride while Virgin only has Aladdin kissing Jasmine which was animated very smoothly just like the rest of the game.
For those wondering, there are ways to download music from Youtube. I used Free YouTube to MP3 Converter to get some instrumentals from my Youtube favorite list.