Custom Aladdin Toad Amiibo by ganda_kris

Toad is one of my favorite characters from Nintendo, besides Mr. Mario of course. I always played him on Mario Kart on SNES and N64. Now gand-kris made a series of custom Toad’s for the Amido. Nintendo’s version of real life figures being playable as video game characters. I don’t really care about this system, Disney has something like this with Aladdin and Jasmine but this Toad as Aladdin and Jasmine and Jafar looks cute

Prince Ali in Catchy Retro 16-bit version

Here’s a reminder that the best video game based on Disney’s Aladdin came from Virgin on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Who can’t resist tapping along with Prince Ali (Agrabah Market level), One Jump Ahead (Agrabah Rooftops level) Arabian Nights (Sultan’s Dungon level) A Whole New World (ending and menu) and Friend Like Me is, naturellym played during the Inside the Lamp level. Actually I prefer the SNES version of A Whole New World over the Genesis one mostly because Capcom shows the magic carpet ride while Virgin only has Aladdin kissing Jasmine which was animated very smoothly just like the rest of the game.
For those wondering, there are ways to download music from Youtube. I used Free YouTube to MP3 Converter to get some instrumentals from my Youtube favorite list.

Popeye in Agrabah? Aladdin Nintendo video game hack

Heather spotted an an article at FamiconWorld on hacking a pirate NES Aladdin game. The game origins on the Super Nintendo by Capcom in 1993 as the loved Disney’s Aladdin licensed by Nintendo. That same year the Nintendo Entertainment System 8-bit system got an ugly port of the Sega Genesis hit game pirates felt they could do better and hacked the SNES game porting it to the NES.

Jedi QuestMaster (FamiconWorld staff) felt there was room for improvement by replacing Aladdin with Popeye changing the title (back?) to Popeye II: Travels in Persia.