Going Retro: Prince Ali DOS

The PC MS-DOS version of the Virgin Aladdin video game was by far the best of all the  ports to inferior consoles. It had higher resolution, something like 480 x 320, better graphics with more detail, smoother animation some of inbetweener’s that worked on the film contributed to the game a first in video game history and the game had stereo 44 kHz 16-bit sound with a bigger wavetable (pre-recorded music notes) than any of the consoles. Worth noting that at the time, we’re talking early 90’s, the PC was still developing itself into a game system and so things like soundcards weren’t yet integrated into the mainboard like today’s modern systems. Most common where Creative Sound Blaster 2.0 or Pro compatible cards.

Classic Aladdin Video Game

I found a site with classic Nintendo and Sega games as they where made in the late 80’s early 90’s for game consoles as NES, SNES and MegaDrive.

There are many other sites with ROMS. You’ll have to download them and then play them with an so called Emulator, freeware software emulating a console. On Every Video Game you don’t have to. You’ll only need a Java capable browser.

The site has NES, Gameboy and Sega Master System versions of Aladdin. The Master System version is different then the other versions I know.

It’s a race against time and seems to be inspired by the Amiga game Prince of Persia. Jasmine plays a larger role here, while you can’t control her directly she follows Aladdin while trying to escape the guards.