Dutch Musical Students play Pocahontas with an Aladdin twist

The young dutch musical production company FanWork had it’s fall 2009 production premiere. A cast of young students ages between 6 and 21 play a in-house adaption of Pocahontas. Last year FanWork did their own redition of Aladdin but borrowing elements from the famous Disney film. According to a Musicalworld.nl review the story of a boy dreaming of wealth, a trapped princess, a powerhungry vizir and a silly sultan are inspired by the Disney animated film. In this version Abu is replaced by a mute boy Sami and Jafar’s henceman is not a parrot by a female named Kadeem

The Sims 2: A Whole New World pop version

Youtube’r Chrissy4jc made a Sims 2 music video of Aladdin’s theme. She cleverly uses Sim actions to make it appear the characters are singing and expressing. Using Genie on the drums and playing guitar and camera
Angles kept the music video fresh prevented from becoming boring.

Her Part of That World video is worth a recommendation because Chrissy recreated a believable underwater world by using floor titles and wallpaper plus the standard Sims 2 furniture. Ariel gestures are distracting from the song. The unknown singer isn’t very good and brings the video down. More or less the same goes for her Pocahontas video, too much gesture, bad singer.
Her Beauty and the Beast video is so awesome I can’t begin to describe it you’ve to watch it yourself.

A Whole New World preformed by Sims

The Best Of Lea Salonga

When Aladdin Central regular Amadou asked a recording of the Lea Salonga / Brad Kane song “We Could Be In Love” I felt the urge to devote a post to her work. In her career as singer, voice and theatrical actress Lea Salonga’s voice is heard on almost 20 albums, most of which aren’t even sold here in the Netherlands. Lucky for me some of my favorite songs are on YouTube.

Personal Favorite #1 True Colors

Personal Favorite #2 You Must Love Me

Personal Favorite #3 (shared place) Somewhere Over The Rainbow & Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Not favorites per se but defiantly worth mentioning.
Covers from 90’s Disney songs

Land Of The Loving from her album Inspired

Lea’s religions side heard in We Are Yours, Lord