Aladdin’s Royal Caravan

Aladdin’s Royal Caravan premiered at Disneyland in April 1993, almost a half year after the November 1992 release of the Disney’s animated hit, Aladdin. The parade delighted guests not only at Disneyland, but also at Walt Disney World there the parade made its way down Hollywood Boulevard in Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park.

In June 1994, Disneyland guests saw the royal procession for the last time as Prince Ali and Princess Jasmine made way for different royalty—the July 1994 debut of the The Lion King Celebration.

I remember the spitting camels from that 2-part Full House episode where the family visited Disney. “Watch out they spit!” genius! And that enormous Genie, wow! Love elephant Abu with Aladdin and Jasmine waving at the public. Cute!
I do think Jafar dissevered his own wagon, for more than a year the poor guy had to trail behind with Iago stuffed away in that garbage can -:(

There’s another recording of the parade during a windy day that cause some changes in that hero and heroine are under roof that might be Al’s hovel and animatronics Abu.

Aladdin shows his deep pockets, a real big spender

If you are reading this you noticed the new header banner on the top of this page. For those who haven’t guessed, its Prince Ali’s parade as it was drawn for the comic book. I did the parade because I saw a question on Aladdin Central the other day asking where all the dancers, cooks, animals etc went after Jafar kicked them out. The music video below ties in with the whole I’m a prince so I’ll be a show off a “big spender” theme.

Princess October ’07 wallpaper Green recolor

I was playing around in Paint Shop Pro with the wallpaper I made of the October ’07 issue of Princess Magazine. I recolored the background to green, hence the name Princess October ‘ 07 issue wallpaper green recolor. Jasmine’s dress on the main image went from a typical Disney Princess pink shade to a fresh water blue shade close to the color of her regular outfit.
The dress of side Jasmine went from blue to a light green shade falling in harmony with the background.

Hope you like!

The wallpaper is made for standard desktops with 1024 x 768 resolution. Click on the thumbnail for the large version then mouse click right on the image and choose “Set as Background”.

Green recolor of a Princess Magazine wallpaper - 1024 pixel wallpaper