Cartoony Palace Guards from Disney’s Aladdin

Now that Lego released a Prince of Persiatheme a whole buckets of new elements became available to make Persian/Ancient Arabian like themes in Lego. I’m taking animals like camels and ostriches, more ancient weapons like swords and daggers and elements to make buildings like cloths for market stalls or golden round roofs for towers.

It so happens that I have enough shelf space to make a street and I always wanted to recreate Agrabah in Lego so I’m planning out a small street for 3 or 4 buildings, a tower and market stalls like they appeared in the movie. I took some screenshots from the One Jump Ahead sequence and came across some hilarious cartoony moments of the palace guards chasing Aladdin and Abu around town. Moments in the movie that are easily missed watching the film on normal play. Note: images are in HD quality 1920 X 1080 pixels

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Aladdin Prince of Persia

I saw Prince of Persia Sand of Time today, certain elements like the prince (Dastan) being quick on his feet and a good sword fighter did remind me of Aladdin. It’s a nice movie, not a really strong story but I liked some characters, Dastan the best. The princess, Tamina was okay but I would’ve liked to see her a better fighter as she’s supposed to be strong and independent. The cinematography looked really beautiful and love the music.
Now let’s see if there’s a sequel by 2012 as people seem to think there’ll be. If there ever will be a live-action remake of Aladdin I can imagine it would look and feel like PoP. In the mean time watch the Prince of Persia trailer set on One Jump Ahead