All Hail Prince Naveen

The Princess and Frog Ross Blocher (Assistant Technical Director) and T. Daniel Hofstedt (character animator) did hilarious parody on Prince Naveen set on Alan Menken’s Prince Ali from the one and only Aladdin. Probably not mend for ears outside the production team though.

Fact is that T. Daniel Hofstedt worked on Aladdin as animator for Gazeem and Prince Achmed. He continued his Disney career by animating on most feature films up till Home on the Range.

Aladdin concept art at PatF exclusive showing

Tory described on here LiveJournal blog how lucky she was to be few who got to the exclusive showing of Princess and the Frog on the Disney lot in LA on Thanksgiving. From the reviews I’ve read it looks like Disney finally refound some of their magic back, Princess and the Frog is prasied to stand firm besides the 90’s films. The tomatometer on Rottentomatos rates it 88% with an average rating of 7.1/10.

Anyway after the movie there was an even more exclusive tour throught an exibit full of items uses to make Disney movies from Glen Close’s red dress in 101 Dalmations to Gissele blue dress from Enchanted that and lots of artwork from the animated films. Including, and here comes it, 3 concept art pieces. She als had a meet n’ greet with Jasmine talking about Aladdin giving Rajah a bath all by himself. Sounds like a fun conversation!
3 Aladdin concept art pieces at Princess and the Frog exibit

Princess and the Frog featurette with Aladdin directors

Some of the key guys behind Disney’s return to 2D feature film Princess and the Frog talk about the traditional way of making cartoons, with pencil and paper. Among the interviewees are Ron Clements and John Musker Princess’s directors and animation living legend Andreas Deja (supervising animator of Jafar)