How to Draw Aladdin Characters

After watching Aaron Blaise’s drawing Rajah video the other day I looked around Youtube to see if there where more videos. Everyone’s favorite video site has quite a few videos of people drawing Aladdin characters. I picked the ones that resembled as close to the movie versions as possible and not the artists own interpretation of the character. And yes that contradicts with what Aaron did on his video but I personally believe these characters should look on model as much as possible.

I also enjoyed watching DrawingNow doing an Al/Jas close up.
DrawingTogether1’s channel has a really nice Jasmine in red drawing. Notice Jasmine has a more Disney Princess-y outfit.
And finally BTSPRO does a drawing of my favorite Jasmine close-up.

I could post more videos but that would make this post way to long. If you want to watch more videos on How To Draw Aladdin Characters search YouTube with these keywords for more examples.

Jasmine – Grand Jester Collection

A bust of Princess Jasmine holding a bird has been added to the Grand Jester Collection. I think it’s beautiful with her hair swaying out, although her upper body on top of the palace garden fountain looks a bit weird in my opinion.

Jasmine – Grand Jester Collection.

Genie is also in their collection as well. Standing on top of his lamp Genie is presented in his Hawaii outfit ready for a well deserved vacation.