Jasmine and the missing coin

Pointed to me by livejournal-ist mdmbrightside from the d_princess community.
In the line of Disney Princess books a new Jasmine title was released last January. Amazon has the following summary
“Life at the palace is splendid for Princess Jasmine and Prince Aladdin. With Aladdin’s birthday coming up, Jasmine wants to find him the perfect gift, so she sets off on a Magic Carpet ride with Rajah the tiger. She is determined to track down the coveted camel coin Aladdin is missing from his rare-coin collection. It’s smooth sailing until Magic Carpet suddenly loses its power, leaving Jasmine and Rajah stranded in the desert! Will the pair find the coin and make it back to the palace in time for Aladdin’s birthday?”
It sounds a bit weak but I guess that’s what you can expect when there’s the Disney Princess stam on it.
I love the cover and ordered it from bol.com for that alone according to a reviewer at Amazon the other illustations have a “beautiful and Summer-y” feel on it.

Jasmater and her sidekick Iajah by spiritwolf

Deviant artist Spiriftwolf did a fun and very good looking Jasmine/Jafar cross with her wicked Iajah as henchman. The excellent coloring including the light-up scarab compliments the drawing. This is the third in a series the Tiana/Facilier and Ariel/Ursula ones are worth watching too.