20th anniversary The Return of Jafar

Did you know that yesterday, May 20th 2014, The Return of Jafar was released on VHS video tape in the United States? I didn’t but watching Disney clips on YT I came across Forget About Love and suddenly realized that this year the film excited 20 decades already. Started out as the first couple of episodes for the “Aladdin TV series” (first aired Sept. 5, 2014 on US network) it was decided too release on home video by adding additional animatio

Return of Jafar and King of Thieves restored for 2014 BD release

According to a member of the Ultimate Disney forum the Aladdin DTV sequels, The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves Blue-Ray releases are pushed back to a 2014 release in order too give them a proper HD restoration. I can imagine that RoJ print might be bad, the film was released on a shoe string TV budget that, afterwards, was way to low. So the production house propably didn’t spend much money on preserving the print.

But in my opinion KoF doesn’t look that bad, checkout the first few minutes in HD on Youtube. Yes the colors are bland and the image is soft but the animation is fluid and the characters look quite good. I don’t think it should be that much work to scale the film up to HD quality.

HD instrumental’s of sequel songs now on YouTube

Instrumental versions of the Aladdin sequel Return of Jafar are uploaded to Youtube. The sound quality is nothing to write home about, there’s allot of background noise distraction and the music seems to fall away now and then. You beter check a normal quality version if you’re looking for music to record your singing.

You’re Only Second Rate in top 10 best Villian Song

Super genie Jafar’s You’re Only Second Rate reached the eight spot in Nails105’s personal top 10 Animated Villian Songs over at RetroJunk. It stands proudly along the likes of Be Prepard, Gaston and Poor Unfortunate Souls. Have you seen Transformers: The Movie? Talk about a good villian Unicon is a planet-size robot that feeds on other planets. The Unicron score is so good. Watch it!

I’m suprised, Return of Jafar isn’t exactly Disney’s best sequel it compared to Aladdin it’s a shallow shell of course but set it besides Bambi 2 or Tarzan 2 RoJ lacks animaton quality and the story could’ve been better too. As for the songs they’re all forgettable except the love duet Forget About Me which quite nice.

Return of Jafar turns 15 today

D23, the new Disney fanclub, reminded me that today Aladdin’s sequel and the first of the much discussed, loved, hated direct-to-video or has it was later called direct-to-DVD film was released 15 years ago today. The movie itself was mediocre at best, animation and colors where TV quality, characters looked often off model and acted sometimes differently that before and the story wasn’t the best either but boy was I excited to learn my favorite movie got a follow-up.

Set after the feature film and a lead into the Saturday morning television series that aired the same year The Return of Jafar showed us that Jafar escaped his prison in the Cave of Wonders and is out for revenge against the boy who ruined his plans to be ruler of Agrabah. His new sidekick the not so smart thief Abis Mal isn’t making life easier to make matters worse Iago switches sides and joins Aladdin and his friends on side of all that’s good. As we all know Jafar got killed and Aladdin would have his hands full dealing with Abis Mal and all the other new villains of the TV series.

Why now “celebrate” the films 15th anniversary watching it this weekend or at least join “Vengeful Evil Djinn” and let the world know your appreciation.